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Biontology is the new medicine of tomorrow being practiced today.
I hope you can find everything you need to know about the new Healing Modality of Biontology and how the body naturally heals itself.  I am committed to providing information, service and client satisfaction.
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 We are all Light Beings!
The body is made up of approximately 50 trillion cells.  Each cell emits a biophoton light at the rate of 100,000 emissions per second.  This light represents the health of the individual.  We are truly light beings!!!
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You can own a Chikey and apply the biophoton science to your body.
The Chikey is a hand held portable of the Chiren.
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Stop sabotaging yourself and learn how to change your negative beliefs in a matter of minutes. 
Free your mind and become the master of your beliefs rather than a victim of their consequences.
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